3 Emerging Innovations in Technology That Will Impact Cyber Security

3 Emerging Innovations in Technology That Will Impact Cyber Security In this information era, we have seen constant conflicts between…

3 Emerging Innovations in Technology That Will Impact Cyber Security

In this information era, we have seen constant conflicts between security experts and cyber criminals. The former are entrusted with the duty of keeping information safe while the latter is trying to compromise the integrity of the information. Any behavior of malicious intent shown by the cyber criminals has been countered using encryption tools, but somehow these people find a way of posing a threat to information systems.

There are threats to data security with organizations working hard to ensure that their data is not compromised in any way. With increased digital connectivity, there are always loopholes created that lead to threats on data security and consequently an increase in cyber security risks.

The only way to address this issue is through developing tools that can minimize or completely eliminate cyber security risks. This has proven to be a challenging task because sometimes we read reports that a certain information system has been infiltrated by hackers. Below are the emerging technologies that will improve cyber security.

Future authentication

We usually access our information systems using usernames and passwords. We all know that this encryption form is weak and can easily be compromised. Hackers can gain access to your data system and interfere with highly sensitive data if this is the encryption that you use.

Now that passwords and usernames are no longer safe, system security experts have been forced to develop more secure authentication techniques. Authentication techniques like biometrics have been created to counter cyber threats.

Traditional authentication methods have always been a problem to businesses. Organizations are now being advised to use identification software that gives the user several authentication options. Data experts from service providers like activewizards.com can help sort out your security needs.

Cloud technology

Cloud computing is already creating a significant impact on system security technology. Organizations generate huge amount of data daily and usually this data is stored in cloud sources.

Now that much of the data is stored in cloud form, a lot of approaches in information security must be designed to ensure that this data is safe. Data security methods like virtualized firewalls or virtualized system security will now be used in cloud to protect the stored data.

The more data that an organization collects in a day, the more data security becomes a priority. As a result, business entities are using IaaS services to boost the security of their data centers. Firehost and Amazon are some of the services used by business organizations to enhance data security in their cloud sources.

Artificial intelligence and deep learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are some of the technologies incorporated in data security. These two technologies are very important as far as the security of information systems is concerned.

Deep learning is a behavior analytics system that can detect any unusual behavior with the aid of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Both machine learning and artificial intelligence are incorporated with data that pertains to system security threats. They then can make decisions for themselves when they deduce that the system is under attack.

Your data can be compromised anytime if appropriate measures are not put into place to counter data security threats. It is crucial to stay updated with the latest technologies that can have a great impact on your data security.

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How Reputable Online Casinos Safeguard Your Personal Information and Money

You may have wondered about the safeguards protecting your personal information and money that you’ve ever wagered on the internet….

You may have wondered about the safeguards protecting your personal information and money that you’ve ever wagered on the internet.

Fortunately, reputable online casinos have always stood at the vanguard of protecting customer information. As other industries were first learning how to conduct business over the world wide web, casino and poker sites were adopting cutting-edge cyber security practices. 

There are a couple of reasons why this is important. First, millions of players around the world transact money with online casinos, which creates an attractive target for hackers. Secondly, casino operators realize that taking security measures above and beyond the industry recommendation is in the best interest of customers and their business. 

Why Hacking is a Threat

Not only do online casinos transfer a lot of money in and out, but they also store valuable customer data. Hackers target personal data for their own fraudulent purposes or to sell on the dark web. 

Theoretically, hackers could slip undetected into the site of an insecure casino and take control of gameplay. Different online casinos may offer the same virtual game under license from a third-party software developer. In this case, a vulnerability in the game could be exploited on numerous sites. 

The changing nature of online gaming poses additional points of entry that must be secured. As players shift towards playing their favorite games on mobile apps, online casinos are taking measures to protect data from 4G and public WiFi networks. 

How Online Casinos Protect Personal Data

The online casino industry boasts a very successful record of securing customer data and thwarting cyber-criminals. On the whole, trustworthy casino sites are proactive about internet security and take measures beyond those you might find in other sectors. 

One way online casinos secure player information is by encrypting all web traffic and stored data with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Data encrypted in this way is safeguarded under virtual lock and key. 

So whether you play from your computer or mobile device, encryption protects your game session from being intercepted by a third party. Reputable online casinos will always tell you how they secure traffic to and from their servers. For example, PokerStars uses theoretically unbreakable 128-bit SSL encryption to safeguard players.

Secondly, online casinos take encrypted, remote back-ups of customer data. This means if a casino site is knocked offline due to cyber attack, players’ personal information remains safely stored without risking compromise. 

Thirdly, reputable online casinos are licensed by industry regulatory bodies everywhere they conduct business. 

To comply with regulations, casino operators undergo frequent software and system audits to guarantee customers receive secure gaming environments. Employees may be subject to background checks. Financial records are reviewed to ensure solvency and the ability to pay out winning plays. 

Secure online casinos always make information about their licenses and regulatory compliance available to customers. 

Ensuring the Security of Funds

When your game with a licensed and regulated online casino, your financial transactions are just as safe as they are when you use online banking services or shop a trusted e-commerce retailer like Amazon. 

And like gaming sessions and stored data, all financial transactions are secured by SSL encryption. 

A reputable online casino will also offer several methods for depositing and withdrawing funds. This includes the use of recognized third-party digital payment services such as PayPal, Neteller, Apple Pay, and Visa. 

Maintaining Player Confidentiality

You provide significant personal details when creating a real money account with an online casino. This data is required to prove your identity and eligibility to play. 

Casino sites have a responsibility to ensure your data is kept confidential. That’s why it’s important to make sure your online casino of choice has an accessible privacy policy. We recommend taking the time to read and understand the policy before gaming.  

It’s easy to skip over the fine print, but the privacy policy will inform you about the personal data the casino operator can collect and its intended uses. The privacy policy should also tell you how to opt-out of your information being used for marketing purposes. 

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The Hostess Snacks Instagram account dedicated to weird memes is actually good

Even Twinkies are wearing AirPods these days.   And that’s because whoever is behind the Hostess Snacks’ Instagram page is a meme genius. A very kooky, imaginative genius. Or maybe geniuses? OK, it must be a panel of geniuses, eating Twinkies while Photoshopping AirPods onto Twinkies. Right? View this post on Instagram What?… Like you’ve…

Even Twinkies are wearing AirPods these days.  

And that’s because whoever is behind the Hostess Snacks’ Instagram page is a meme genius. A very kooky, imaginative genius. Or maybe geniuses? OK, it must be a panel of geniuses, eating Twinkies while Photoshopping AirPodsontoTwinkies. Right?

View this post on Instagram

What?… Like you’ve never seen a Twinkie with AirPods before 😏 #SorryNotSorry … #Airpods #Apple #Music #Superior #Trending #EarCandy #TrendSetter #Twinkies #Snack #Tech

A post shared by Hostess Snacks (@hostess_snacks) on

The popular pastry-snack company has a very interesting presence on Instagram. They post daily photos of their classic pastries in whacky scenarios to their 123,000 followers, who are literally hungry for the content. 

Like a candy shop, their Instagram feed is colorful and full of things the dentist wouldn’t approve of. But it’s also full of images that look like things you’d encounter in a post-birthday-cake fever dream. Regular things, like car tires and snow boots, are rendered to resemble Hostess’s famous pastries instead. And their followers eat it up. Comments from fans range from, “you certainly know how to catch my eye” to light-hearted confusion. 

Image: hostess snacks / instagram

After struggling with , the giant snack company made a splashy return a year later. 100 million Twinkies, CupCakes, and Donettes hit shelves within the first two weeks of their comeback, prompted by public demand. “…Hostess has a very exciting future,” said Dean Metropoulos, the company’s CEO in .

Regardless of the company’s business, the Hostess Snacks Instagram account is thriving. I’d be lying if I said that scrolling through the absurdly wonderful page didn’t invoke both hunger and nostalgia in me.But who is behind it all?The processed-sugar-craving 7-year-old in me needed to know. 

View this post on Instagram

Double stack of Double Chocolate Donettes. This is when a double mouth comes in particularly handy. … #Double #Chocolate #Donuts #Fun #Chocoholic #Snacks #SnackTime #More #Need #MustHave #Craving #Cravings #LoveChocolate

A post shared by Hostess Snacks (@hostess_snacks) on

A little bit of sleuthing led me to the creative masterminds behind the weirdest corporate page on Instagram. Hostess Snacks works closely with Tattoo Projects, an ad agency in Charlotte, North Carolina, to ensure that their social media presence is as delicious as the Donettes and Ding Dongs they sell.

Buffy Kelly is the creative director and president of Tattoo Projects. I caught up with her about how the Twinkie magic is made for the ‘Gram. She’s been entrusted with the task of creating a “fun brand voice” for Hostess— and along with two other designers— she’s doing just that. She’s quick to mention that it takes a small village to pull the whole operation off without a hitch, though. 

“The actual creative work is just one part… don’t forget the strategy, account service, analytics, community management, and client partnership. It’s a huge team effort, and makes the feed what it is,” Kelly told Mashable via email. 

View this post on Instagram

“You M U S T try Twinkie No. 5.” #NationalFragranceDay @chanelofficial @sephora … #Hostess #Yummy #SnacksOnSnacks #Snacky #Twinkies #Perfume #Smells #MustHave #No5 #Fragrance #TryIt

A post shared by Hostess Snacks (@hostess_snacks) on

Tattoo utilizes monthly content calendars in order to develop a sweet social strategy. Though they focus on their target audience and the products they want to promote the most — obviously Twinkies — they also leave room for spur of the moment ideas based on trend reports. 

“We’ll see or hear something cool and text each other in the morning and say something like, ‘Bring your martini shaker and a leaf blower, I have an idea!’” Kelly says.

That’s how they came across the somewhat-dubious Vans challenge. Naturally, the viral trend was ripe for the addition of Twinkies flying through the air. Essentially, the phenomenon began when Twitter user @lanacutherlip posted a video showcasing the fact that no matter how they tossed their Vans shoes, they always landed right side up. 

Capitalizing on the trend, Hostess posted this: 

View this post on Instagram

#VansChallenge Hostess style 😎 … #Vans #Challenge #Twinkies #HoHos #CupCakes #Shoes #Trending #Trend #Snack #Style #Throw #Winning #Sneakers #Kicks #VansOldSkool #Experiment #Testing #Truth #Believe #Whoa #Seriously

A post shared by Hostess Snacks (@hostess_snacks) on

Of course this isn’t first time we’ve seen brands leveraging their social media followings to appeal to a younger, more internet-savvy demographic. It’s practically necessary in 2019. 

The fast food chain Wendy’s has most famously developed a social media voice that registers with their followers; it’s snarky and quick, easily retweet-able. Sometimes, it’s downright brutal. 

Instead of taking the all-too-generic route of emulating Twitter culture, Hostess has developed a unique social media strategy that puts its products front and center without sounding like an echo chamber. The latter of which is more suitable for sharing burger deals, anyway. 

Keith Peterfeso, Hostess’s brand director, works directly with the team at Tattoo. He describes the company’s social media presence as “deliciously unapologetically irreverent.” Peterfeso’s job is to oversee everything that Tattoo is producing and to make sure they’re highlighting specific products, especially during the launch of a new snack. 

For instance, when Suzy Q cakes were re-released with 50 percent more cake and 50 percent more cream, he made sure at least one post a week was dedicated to conveying that information. Of course, pair that information with Kelly’s vision, and well, it becomes messaging that works on a content crazed consumer base. 

View this post on Instagram

Enter to win a free Suzy Q jetpack. Disclaimer: There is no such thing as a Suzy Q jetpack. We’ll stick to the 50% more cake and 50% more crème in these bad boys. … #Chocolate #Cake #Fast #JK #Jet #JustKidding #Joke #Wish #Need #Want #MustHave #BlackFriday

A post shared by Hostess Snacks (@hostess_snacks) on

“At the end of the year, Suzy Q had grown over a hundred percent from what it had been the previous year,” Peterfeso says. His enthusiasm matches that of the many people buying Hostess Snacks. “We also just put out a great product,” he chuckles.

But it’s not all about just posting fresh new memes, Kelly shares that follower engagement is a huge priority. She says they respond to about 6,000 comments each month. And they always manage to turn these quick digital exchanges into friendly banter revolving around the snack-in-question, no matter what people are saying. 

Image: hostess snacks / instagram

“It’s our job to create conversations, entertain and engage people with the fun of Hostess,” Kelly said.

Image: hostess snacks / instagram

Kelly notes there’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to mining Hostess Snacks for content. In a time when pop culture and consumerism are so intertwined, they’ve done a solid job of incorporating memes of the moment into their content rolodex. By doing so, the creative team has cemented their position as a relevant brand in a saturated market.

 “There are enough funny ideas around here that we could be posting several times a day,” Kelly said. 

View this post on Instagram

Come play with us. #Twinkies for #Halloween.

A post shared by Hostess Snacks (@hostess_snacks) on

Over the three years that Tattoo has been working with Hostess, a cornucopia’s worth of whacky branded content has been posted consistently. Peterfeso says his favorite from the page is an ode toGame of Thronesinvolving Sno Balls, one of the company’s famous treats. Kelly leans towards the whackier side, citing a photo of a woman with Twinkies for lips as one of her favorites. 

But the creative director doesn’t rule out the future of Twinkie content and the multitudes it contains: “Who knows what we’ll come up with this week …”

WATCH: Deep-fried Twinkies are coming to a freezer near you

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What It’s Actually Like to Work at a Crypto Startup

Whether it is your crypto startup business or you are an employee, this is a new experience altogether. As people…

Whether it is your crypto startup business or you are an employee, this is a new experience altogether. As people get curious to learn about cryptocurrency, those who are working in this industry are the center of attention for many people. People come from all over the world with questions and opinions about these new digital currencies. If you are curious about how it all works, you need to understand the experience that people in crypto startups go through. The insights below show what it feels like to work in a crypto startup.

What is a Crypto Startup?

When you get interested in cryptocurrency, there is a lot that you can do in that line. Dealing with digital currencies like Bitcoin and Etherium is now a popular business for most young cryptoneurs. You can start an ICO or any other business related to cryptocurrency like a consultancy firm to help investors. No matter which area you specialize in, the opportunity to succeed is high.

It is a Growing Industry

The cryptocurrency business has yet to penetrate into the markets well. Surprisingly, some people still do not know a lot about these coins. However, the curiosity is too much and the business is growing at a rapid pace. As a startup investor, you should be prepared to think growth so that the global market will not leave you behind. Luckily, the Trybe.one website has more details about cryptocurrency to help you grow your venture.

People Are Innovative

If you want to work in an innovative environment, you should do ICOs and other businesses that are related to cryptocurrencies. It is an environment where ideas are born and invented overnight. Being a growing industry, experts have to remain innovative to offer a justifiable product to the investors or help those who have already invested to make the right decisions. As a matter of fact, innovative digital currency experts are better even without much experience because they can plan an excellent package for clients.

It Has Many Benefits

If you are already working on this new opportunity as a startup, you will start to enjoy the benefits from the start. According to the recent reports, cryptocurrency investments are becoming better by the day, which is a plus for all of the investors. If you plan your work well as a consultant, clients will always find your advice invaluable. Additionally, it is an excellent opportunity for making it in the next big thing in the financial world. Working in a crypto startup is an eye-opener to enjoy numerous business and investments benefits.

You Have Diverse Options

As people work in these start-ups, they have diverse options on what they can do. One of them includes dealing with ICOs that are run on different platforms. You can also mine the digital coins by offering various blockchain services. There are IT and software experts who come up with apps and software that offer various solutions related to cryptocurrencies. Lastly, there is also an option of offering consultancy services if you have enough experience in dealing with cryptocurrency.

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5 steps to protect your personal information online

The internet has improved our lives in a number of different ways. Most businesses have chosen the internet as their…

The internet has improved our lives in a number of different ways. Most businesses have chosen the internet as their primary means of making profits through selling their products online. Large companies are also using the internet to advertise their products and reach potential buyers without having to travel to their showrooms or retail stores. This makes it vital for you to protect your personal information online in 2018.

When it comes to entertainment and leisure, people are choosing  social media as the perfect place to relax and get to meet new people. Although the internet has made our lives easier than ever before, have you ever thought of how susceptible your identity or privacy is to hackers, scams and other security threats?

The internet has become a dangerous place today. Privacy is becoming an increasingly rare commodity and that’s because most people are not fully aware of the dangers. What we can see is just the tip of an iceberg with serious threats being hidden underneath.

With an increase in networks, websites, and social media platforms, most people are continuously and carelessly revealing their identity online without having a second thought. In the process, you expose your personal information to third-party individuals who in return use the information to hack your emails, your accounts or even steal or damage personal information which was crucial to you.

This article has been researched and provides five steps that you can use to protect your personal information from possible hacks, damage or loss.

1. Private data protection

Did you know that the more information you share online the easier it is to get hacked? While you might think that your Facebook, Gmail or Yahoo account are safe and free from cybercrime just because you have a private password, it’s not. The moment you share your identity online, it becomes pretty easier for hackers to track and finally steal valuable information from you.

To stay safe, it’s advisable that you delete all useful personal data from your social media sites. Revealing simple information such as birthdays, mothers maiden names and pet names can lead to unscrupulous people gaining access to your accounts through recover methods.

Secondly, keep your social media account barren by deleting your date of birth, email address, and phone numbers. Remember, the more information hackers get about you, the easier it is for them to reach you.

Finally, consider adjusting your privacy settings. Here, you need to change your privacy settings in all your social media account to only allow a few trusted friends and family members access your personal information. Oversharing of information is very dangerous and in many cases, it leads to home break-ins by criminals who discover that you’re not around.

2. Use a secure wireless connection

We all love free internet but did you ever think of how risky it is especially when you don’t have strong passwords and firewalls on your device? A free Wi-Fi network will give you access to information online but imagine what would happen if there was an experienced hacker nearby. All your secret files will definitely be accessed, stolen or even be used against you.

Therefore, to protect your personal information online, it’s wise to avoid using unsecured public networks. On the other hand, if you own a router, it’s advisable that you use strong passwords that are hard to guess. To guarantee data protection from hacker cyber-security, it’s advisable that you avoid connecting your PC or Android device to unsecured public networks.

3. Use two-factor authentication and check for encryption

Two-factor authentication is one of the best ways of securing personal information from potential hackers. When logging in to your social media sites, a special code is sent to your device via text or generated by a smartphone app. Although the process is time-consuming, it offers an authentic way of securing your personal information from possible cybercrime.

Apart from the two-factor authentication, it’s advisable that you look for encryption every time you visit a website. The reason why most people end up losing funds, crucial data or personal information is because they share their information on unsecured websites. Before sharing your credit card information or making online transactions always ensure that the website has a security lock symbol at the top left and an extra “s” symbol at the end of http (https) in the address bar.

4. Strong passwords

The most common way of protecting your online identity from possible cybercrime is by creating strong passwords. For even more added security, it’s advisable to create long passwords with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Some people might find it easy but imagine creating a couple of passwords for different social media accounts—of course, it will be difficult to remember all the passwords.

Password manager apps have come to the rescue to help you remember all the passwords you create for all your different sites. With third-party trusted apps such as LastPass and 1Password, managing your passwords will now be easy and fun. For more information check out our article – How to make a strong password for 2018

5. Beware of phishing sites

Phishing websites masquerade as genuine websites and attempt to steal your information by having you enter it as you normal would. This trick is used by the majority of cybercriminals to access things such as your internet banking, e-commerce accounts and social media accounts. To stay safe, always double-check the websites you log into, avoid sharing your email address to unknown internet users, and avoid money offers, job opportunities, and donation requests from strange or unfamiliar senders.

Other tips to protect your personal information online

Apart from the above steps, there are many other ways through which you can protect your personal information from possible hacking. Some of these steps include; scanning your PC for possible malware, avoiding taking part in online quizzes, utilising private browsing, as well as keeping all your online activities as private as possible. By doing this, you’ll not only secure your personal information but also protect your PC, Android or tablet devices from possible malware attack.

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